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Thought-leading security risk consulting and corporate investigations

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  • Financial misconduct
  • Workplace misconduct
  • Security-related incidents


“Danie Liebenberg is in a league of his own. He has a remarkable approach to security risk, and applies his exceptional knowledge to its successful mitigation. Due to his credibility and expertise clients want to work with Danie, and hold his recommendations in high esteem”. – Dave Walstra, Fmr CEO, Callguard

“Danie is truly a security expert. He handled our security needs and developed a turnkey solution across all security components. We learnt much from Danie and value his knowledge and expertise highly”. – Franco Strauss, Admin Manager, Schneider-Electric

“Danie Liebenberg conducted an internal investigation on a key issue and delivered results beyond our expectations. His approach was extremely professional and highly effective due to his ability to analyse the situation, and address the issue with a unique and innovative approach”. – Louis Boshoff, Director, JHI

“Danie Liebenberg’s high standards should be the industry benchmark. He is by far the most professional individual whom I have dealt with. His years of experience gives him the ability to identify a problem, assess it quickly, and recommend an effective solution.” – Steve Chart, Associate



  • Risk, threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Evaluation of existing security operations and systems
  • Development of security master plans
  • Security system design
  • Assistance with procurement and implementation of new security systems
  • Development of security policies and procedures
  • Security awareness training

About Us

Recognising the power of aggregated talent, Danie Liebenberg set out in 2009 to identify other security practitioners who could add value to his own efforts as an independent security consultant and investigator.

Elio Zannoni, Quinton Kruger, Steve Chart and Massimo Dall’Armi were chosen for their unique skillsets, resulting in a team of associates with great depth of experience and know-how.

Born and raised in South Africa, Danie, entered the private security industry in 1993 after leaving the South African Police.

During his career he  has gained valuable insight into the security challenges faced by  financial institutions, mining houses, retailers, manufacturers, logistics operations, automotive businesses, exhibition venues, sport and recreation facilities, residential estates, aviation operators, health care institutions, agri businesses, property managers, educational institutions, churches and more.


Currently in his mid-fifties, Danie’s thirty-plus years of experience is complimented by his  extensive understanding of the private security industry, security technology and his out-of-the-box  thinking. This has  earned him a reputation as a true thought-leader and problem solver.

At Liebenberg & Associates it is believed that effective security risk mitigation and investigations are primarily the result of how challenges are viewed and problems diagnosed, which naturally greatly impacts the course of action that follows.

Danie’s experience  and enthusiasm is evident in every project that he leads, and   it is clear that he still has much that he wants to contribute. He has authored various articles on security risk management, is a popular  speaker at security conferences  and has hosted a range  of workshops on security risk mitigation.

Danie is based in Johannesburg and collaborate with his associates  on projects in South Africa and  on the rest of the African continent.

Danie is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority in South Africa (PSIRA No. 148029).

Why Us

Because original thinking matters.

Businesses, organisations and communities in South Africa and on the rest of the continent are under increasing pressure to respond with deeper insight and agility to the efforts of intelligent and organised criminals who are intent on uncovering and exploiting weaknesses in their security. Having access to ingenious security risk advisors and corporate investigators is essential when protecting people, assets, operations and information. 

Liebenberg & Associates has been described as one of the most inspired independent security consulting and corporate investigation service providers in practice today. Our grasp of the nature; extent and impact of security risks, and our insightful perspectives on its’ mitigation, as well as our ability to conduct discreet and thorough investigations, make us a valued resource to clients across Africa.



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